Tour Map

There are 30 stops on our tour of the MLB stadiums and each city is marked with a red diamond on the map. There are also two cities that contain two teams each (New York, Chicago). When you are reading through my trip plan be sure to click "older posts" at the bottom of the page to see the second half of the trip. This trip is a dream vacation for myself, my Dad and my Grandfather as we are all huge baseball fans. But not only will we be seeing al the stadiums in baseball but we will be driving through a large portion of the United States, experience all sorts of culture.  With that said, our trip begins from my home in Ottawa.

Lets play ball!

Fenway Park

Boston, Massachusetts

What better place could you pick than Fenway Park to start our much anticipated tour of all the stadiums in Major League Baseball. After driving from Ottawa our trip beings to seem real. Boston is one of the greatest sports towns in history and is home to the oldest baseball stadium that is still in use; Fenway Park. Fenway became the home of the Boston Red Sox in 1912. Fenway is considered to be one of the best known sporting venues in the world and is full of rich baseball history. A dream location for most sports fans and every baseball fan. Not only is the environment inside the stadium electric, but it also continues outside of the stadium. 

- The Green Monster 
- Large manual scoreboard
- Rich with history
- Unmatched environment
- Great concession food

Ticket Cost:
$ 54 x 3
  --> $ 162.00

Yankee Stadium

 New York City (The Bronx), New York

The New York Yankees are one of the most storied franchises in professional sports. They moved into their new home in 2009, the new Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx in NYC. This is one of the stadiums that I am looking forward to the most to watching a game. The new Yankee Stadium is modeled after the old stadium and plays homage to all the great Yankee players of the past. Yankee stadium was the most expensive baseball stadium ever constructed and the third most expensive stadium of any kind in history. It is the dream of most baseball fans to attend a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium and should put us in high spirits for the rest of our trip. In addition to the stadium itself, the Yankees have some of the best baseball players currently on their roster.

- Rich history
- Most expensive baseball stadium constructed
- The Great Hall
- Very successful team

Ticket Cost:
$ 52 x 3
  --> $ 156.00

Citi Field

New York City (Queens), New York

The second stop in New York City is Citi Field, home to the New York Mets. Citi Field is one of the newer stadiums in baseball, built in 2009. Citi Park is very striking from the outside, resembling the historic stadium where the Brooklyn Dodgers used to play, Ebbets Field. A cool feature of the stadium is a meeting area called Taste of the City where Mets fans can meet and eat.

- Big apple
- Taste of the City
- Great location 
- 2 large HD screens

Ticket Cost:
$ 32 x 3
  --> $ 96.00

Citizens Bank Park

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After leaving the big apple, we arrive in Philadelphia for our first game in Pennsylvania. Citizens Bank Park became the new home of the Philadelphia Phillies in 2004. Philadelphia is known for thier knowledgeable and extremely opinionated sports fans. After all, this is the town that booed Santa Clause! With that being said, there is no question that the environment of a game a Citizens Bank would be unreal.

- Huge light up Liberty Bell
- One of the best teams in baseball
- Great atmosphere and crazy fans

Ticket Cost:
$ 37 x 3
  --> $ 111.00

Oriole Park at Camden Yard

 Baltimore, Maryland
As we arrive in Maryland, the next stop on the tour is Oriole Park at Camden Yard in Baltimore. Camden Yard is home to the Baltimore Orioles and has been since 1992. This stadium was very influential for the new wave of baseball stadiums, setting a precedent of "retro" style parks. Many other parks have modeled their new stadiums after Camden Yard. Although the Orioles have not been successful in recent years, the stadium is still packed on a regular basis.

- B&O Warehouse
- View of skyline
- Historic venue
- Great atmosphere

Ticket Cost:
$ 24 x 3
  --> $ 72.00

Nationals Park

 Washington, D.C.

A relatively short drive from Baltimore brings us to our next stop on the tour, and the capital city of the United States. Washington, D.C. is home to Nationals Ballpark and the Washington Nationals. Nationals Ballpark has been home to the Nationals since 2008 and is one of the newer stadiums in baseball. Although it would have been nice to still have the Montreal Expos as part of the league, Washington and Nationals Park is a great atmosphere to watch a game.

- Capital of the US
- View of Washington Monument from the upper deck
- Great quality and variety in concessions

Ticket Cost:
$ 31 x 3
  --> $ 93.00

PNC Park

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

After a couple games we reach the second stop in Pennsylvania, which brings us to Pittsburgh, and PNC Park. PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and has been since 2001. Although the team has not experienced much success in the past few years, the ballpark is considered one of the best in the MLB every year. It has the second smallest seating capacity of any stadium which gives it a great atmosphere. It also has amazing views of the city of Pittsburgh. PNC also offers the cheapest cost for tickets on average.

- Great view
- Extensive out of town scoreboard
- Famous Manny's BBQ
- River walk

Ticket Cost:
$ 15.30 x 3
  --> $ 45.90

Progressive Field

 Cleveland, Ohio

The first of two stops in Ohio brings us to Progressive Field. Progressive has been home to the Cleveland Indians since 1994. This stadium has been renowned as one of the best ball parks in baseball and won that award in 2008. This stadium is known for its impressive firework displays at the end of games, especially when the Indians win.

- Pristine park
- Located right down town
- Heritage park
Ticket Cost:
$ 18.50 x 3
  --> $ 55.50

Great American Ballpark

 Cincinnati, Ohio

Moving away from the north eastern part of the US, we drive to Cincinnati, Ohio. Great American Ballpark is located along the banks of the Ohio river which gives the stadium a great atmosphere. The Great American has been home to the Cincinnati Reds since 2003. The stadium also has a great Hall of Fame section, with a rose garden dedicated to Pete Rose.

- Historical cincinnati smoke stacks
- Great view of the river
- Rose garden

Ticket Cost:
$ 21 x 3
  --> $ 63.00

Marlins Ballpark

 Miami, Florida

One of the stops that I am most excited about on the trip is the brand new Marlins Ballpark. Marlins Ballpark will be home the the Miami Marlins starting in 2012, they just moved from Sun Life Stadium which they shared with the Miami Dolphins of the NFL. When the Miami Marlins moved from Sun Life, they changed their name from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins. The new state of the art stadium will have a retractible roof to ensure comfort of the fans. Another cool feature is the aquarium backdrop behind home plate. There will also be a swimming pool in right field.

- Brand new state of the art stadium
- Swimming pool
- Aquarium backdrop
- Retractible roof

Ticket Cost:
~ $ 32 x 3
  --> $ 96.00
(estimated costs)

Tropicana Field

 St. Petersburg, Florida

Our second stop in sunny Florida is St. Petersburg and Tropicana Field. Tropicana has been home to the Tampa Bay Rays since their inaugural season in 1998. Today, Tropicana Field is the only remaining domed stadium in baseball without a retractible roof. A cool thing that I am looking forward to at Tropicana is the 34 ft tank where fans can actually touch rays!

- Domed architecture
- Successful team
- Rays tank
- Sheltered from weather
Ticket Cost:
$ 19.50 x 3
  --> $ 58.50 

Turner Field

Atlanta, Georgia 

After a nice couple of days watching games and driving through Florida, we take our RV north to Atlanta Georgia and Turner Field. Turner Field became the home of the Atlanta Braves in 1997. A cool fact about this stadium is that it was originally built for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, it was then known as Centennial Olympic Stadium. I am a big fan of the Olympic movement and going to Turner Field just to see the Olympic history would be enough for me. To make this even better, we would be taking in a Braves games. Turner Field is also home to monument dedicated to Hank Aaron's 715th home run, a great part of baseball history.
- Olympic history
- Hank Aaron monument
- Monument grove
- Famous Braves Chophouse restaurant

Ticket Cost:
$ 20 x 3
  --> $ 60.00

Busch Stadium

 St. Louis, Missouri

Heading north again, we are quickly approaching the halfway point of our trip. The next stop is Bush Stadium in St. Louis, home to the 2011 World Series Champions! The new Busch Stadium became the home of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006. Busch Stadium has one of the most breathtaking views in all of baseball, with the gateway arch as on part of the backdrop. The Cardinals have been one of the most successful teams in the last 5 years, winning 2 Championships. Fan support is at an all time high and Busch Stadium should give us a great environment to watch a game.

- Great view of the St. Louis skyline
- Successful team
- Great environment
- Large open concourse 

Ticket Cost:
$ 32 x 3
  --> $ 96.00

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City, Missouri

After a quick trip West across Missouri, we found ourselves in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium. Kauffman has been home to the Kansas City Royals since 1973 and has long been one of baseballs best ballparks. It has recently undergone renovations to ensure that it can retain this status and so Im really looking forward to seeing a game here. A unique feature of this ballpark is the fountains in centre field and the scoreboard in the shape of the Royals logo.

- Fountains
- Unique scoreboard
- Great concessions
- Relaxing atmosphere

Ticket Cost:
$ 19 x 3
  --> $ 57.00

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Arlington, Texas

As we cross the border from Oklahoma to Texas we reach the halfway point on our great journey to visit all the stadiums in the MLB. There have already been so many great stadiums and there several more to go. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the huge Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, home to the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have called this their home since 1994. Although the Rangers lost the World Series in 2011, they have a great team and the environment in Arlington is amazing. Arlington is incredibly hot and humid during the summer months, it would have been nice if they had air conditioning!

- Attractive from the outside
- New video board
- Great team

Ticket Cost:
$ 19 x 3
  --> $ 57.00

Minute Maid Park

 Houston, Texas

The second stop in Texas brings us to Minute Maid Park in Houston. This park has been home to the Houston Astros since 2000. Minute Maid Park has a retractible roof that is used to combat the intense humidity experienced in Houston during the summer months. A cool feature of this park is the replica train that runs on an 800ft track above left field.
- Replica train
- Retractible roof
- Located downtown Houston
- Tal's hill in centre field

Ticket Cost:
$ 31 x 3
  --> $ 93.00

Chase Field

Phoenix, Arizona 

After leaving the great state of Texas, we drove through New Mexico and arrived in Phoenix to take in our next game at Chase Field. Chase Field has been home to the Arizona Diamondbacks since they were an expansion team in 1998. Chase field was actually the first ever stadium to have a retractible roof and natural grass. Chase Field was home to the All-Star game in 2011 and it made me really want to go there and get the chance to go for a swim in the pool in right field.

- Swimming pool
- Retractible roof
- Successful team
- New HD screen

Ticket Costs:
$ 16 x 3
  --> $ 48.00